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shows and events



12.9. Featured performer at Icehouse MPLS for Shane Hawley’s ABC Death book release through Button Poetry. Show at 7:30. Tickets available through Button Poetry.


8.29. Featured performer at Subtext Books, Read and Response. Free. Doors at 7.

8.13-19. Competing with the SlamMN! nationals team for NPS in Chicago, IL. Finals stage appearance. Tickets available though Poetry Slam Inc.

JULY 2018

7.11. Workshop leader.  Transgender Bodies and the Skills You Need to Draw Them.  Through Transfabulous.  Hennepin County Libraries. 

JUNE 2018

6.8. Featured performer at Phil Kaye's Book Release through Button Poetry. Honey. Minneapolis, MN. 

MAY 2018

5.17. Featured performer at the Headwater's Annual Gala. Aria. Minneapolis, MN. 

5.3. TENDER JAW opening.  Solo art show of ceramic work by Ollie Schminkey. Macalester Koch Gallery. St. Paul, MN. 

APRIL 2018

4.27. Featured performer at Queer Verbal.  Rutgers University.

4.26. Featured performer at Take Back the Night. Organized by SAGE. University of Delaware.

4.23. Featured performer alongside Jamie Mortara, Bernard Ferguson, and Archie Bongiovonni.  Moon Palace Books. Minneapolis, MN. 

4.8. Featured performer at Neil Hilborn's book release through Button Poetry.  Icehouse.  Minneapolis, MN.

MARCH 2018

3.24.  Invited performer at Button Poetry's Unbuttoned: Erotica Night. LUSH. 


2.14.  Crowned Minneapolis's Most Erotic Poet at SlamMN's Erotica tournament.  Kieran's Irish Pub. 

2.1-2.12. THE NAKED I: RECOGNIZE(D). Come see this groundbreaking performance! Minnsky Theatre. Get your tickets fast because they always sell out! 


12.3-1.5. Transfabulous: Beyond the Binary. Stop by and see some of my visual artwork in this all-trans show.  Cargill Gallery. Minneapolis, MN. 


10.13. Featured performer at SPEAK. University of Minnesota, Coffman Memorial Union. Minneapolis, MN. 


9.30. Featured performer and workshop.  Koffee Kat. Through Planned Parenthood of the North Country. Plattsburgh, NY.

9.29. Featured performer at Champlain College, plus Q and A session. Burlington, VT. 


8.4-5.  Performer in CABARAVE. Through Rathaus productions.  Guthrie Lab Theatre. Minneapolis, MN.

JULY 2017

7.23. FREE. Feature at Build Volume.  Hamline Park. St. Paul, MN. 

7.1-7.30.  FREE. Transfabulous workshop at Hosmer Library. Minneapolis, MN. Join me as I lead a 4-week comprehensive workshop for transgender poets. 

JUNE 2017

6.29. 10 pm.  Feature at Daddy.  IceHouse. Minneapolis, MN.

6.16. 7 pm. Feature at New Sh!t Show. Tatterwood Gallery. Minneapolis, MN.

APRIL 2017

4.29. 3-5 pm, "New to Networking." SooVAC, Minneapolis, MN. Workshop facilitator through Patrick's Cabaret.  Come join me for tips on meeting folks, setting up shows, organizing inclusive spaces, and more! Register ahead of time here.  Cost is $5 but scholarship are available! 

4.28 Beard Poetry Bash and Anthology Release. Featured performer and published author. Event at 7 pm. Tatterwood Gallery, Minneapolis, MN. Details here

4.12-4.16 CUPSI.  Come support the poetry team I coach, Macalester College, at this year's college nationals in Chicago, Illinois.  Check the ACUI website for more details. 

4.2 Event at 7 pm. Feature at SPEAK Poetry. Whole Music Club. University of Minnesota, MN. More details here

MARCH 2017

3.28 Event at 7:30 pm. Austin College. Sherburn, TX. More details here. 


2.19. 11-5. Youth workshop in collaboration with TruArtSpeaks.  The Loft Literary Center.  Minneapolis, MN. Preregister required.


1.28 Event at 7 pm.  BOOK RELEASE + GALLERY OPENING. $5-10 sliding cover.  Come join us for the release of Ollie's brand new book, YOU ARE SAD AND THAT SUCKS A LOT.  This is also the opening of Ollie's solo art exhibition.  You don't want to miss it! Click here for details

1.11 Event at 7:30.  Feature at OUTspoken! queer open mic.  Location: Fox Egg Gallery.  Click here for details


12.9 Controlled Burn, event by Patrick's Cabaret. Featured performer.  Tickets: $10.  Buy them here! http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/2713743  Location: Intermedia Arts. 


11.19 Event from 8-10 pm.  Macalester College DML C-House Slam featured performer.  Free and open to the public.  Macalester College. Kagin Commons. 


10.10 Event from 6-9 pm. Red Rose with Alain Ginsberg, featured performer. 


9. 17 Doors at 7:30. Hosting MacSlams September slam ft. Paul Tran.  Free and open to the public. Macalester College, The Loch. 

9.16  Doors at 7:30, Fox Egg Gallery.  $5-10 sliding scale. Featured performer at the Minneapolis New Sh!t Show.  Details here: https://www.facebook.com/events/309398279421388/

MAY 2016

5.12    Calof Series at Patrick's Cabaret.  Minneapolis, MN.  Open to the public.

APRIL 2016

4.14    Carleton College. Northfield, MN. Open only to Carleton students. 

4.6-9   Performing with the Macalester Poetry Slam at CUPSI.  Austin, TX. 

MARCH 2016

3.18    University of Minnesota, Duluth.  Duluth, MN. Open only to UMD students. 


2.9-20     Intermedia Arts, Minneapolis, MN.  Performing as a part of 20% Theatre Co's NAKED I: SELF DEFINED. See 20% Theatre Co's website for ticket and show info. 


1.30   Bucknell University, more details TBA. 
1.13   7:30 pm. Fox Egg Gallery, Minneapolis, MN. OUTspoken! Hosting our monthly queer open mic with Paul Canada and Nik Martell. 


12.4    7 pm. Honey Mpls, Minneapolis, MN. Gadfly's annual fundraiser "Queerulous Cabaret!" Come support local queer and feminist theatre!
12.3    7:30 pm. OUTspoken! Hosting our monthly queer open mic with Paul Canada and Nik Martell. 


11.21    Carroll Community College, MD. 
11.17    University of California, Northridge.
11.14    Winona State, MN. Workshop and performance for MOCC registered folks


8.10-15    Oakland, CA. Competing with Twin Cities Unified in the National Poetry Slam (NPS).  More details/links to tickets at poetryslam.com.

APRIL 2015

4.10    7 pm. University of Minnesota, Duluth. 

MARCH 2015

3.18    Inver Grove College, MN.  Performance; open to the public. 
3.14-15    Grey Matters at Patrick's Cabaret, Minneapolis, MN.  This show is comprised of people with various mental illnesses and other neuroatypicalities.  I'll be just one performer in an amazing lineup


2.27-28    University of California, Riverside.  ASTERISK* conference featuring Miss Major, D'Lo, and other amazing speakers and activists.  I will be opening this conference on the night of the 27th, and you should check out all of the other phenomenal people speaking throughout the weekend!  More info on schedule and tickets here: 

2.26     7 pm. Bryant Lake Bowl.  Minneapolis, MN.  Featuring at Storytelling Club!  Stop on by this queer and trans-friendly venue to hear me step outside of my usual medium (poetry) and tell you an entertaining story about my life!  I will also have my books for sale with me if you want one but want to skip paying the shipping.